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     No job is too big or too small! We can create a tremendous variety of  Web Sites from a simple single page "Web Site" to a very complex, dedicated server Web Site, based on our client's requirements. We can also create a Chinese website for you, if you have the requirement.


Why Should We Design Your Web Pages ????

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We utilize the recent HTML development tools to efficiently create an effective Web Site design.
trabul2a.gif (206 bytes) Minimized hand-coding save us time and saves your money!
trabul2a.gif (206 bytes) Graphics are carefully selected and iptimized for quick transmission via midem connections.
trabul2a.gif (206 bytes) Java,  CGI, HTML 3.2, Front Page Extensions, and ActiveX technologies can be used when appropriate.
trabul2a.gif (206 bytes) We can use your photos and graphics, or can provide custom-designed graphics.
trabul2a.gif (206 bytes) If some of your information is already stored on a computer, we can usually use it directly, without re-coding.

All pricing on web design is based on the number of hours we spend on your site. Befor we can give you an estimate of the cost, we need to know 3 things about your future or re-designed site.

  1. The number of pages it will have.
  2. The complexty level it will have.
  3. Do you need any special  features.
  4. ( such as Java, Shouckwave, etc....... )